Culture Clash

The arrival of the British to Nigeria caused great conflict before they arrived, Nigerian people were independent,woman could work next to their husbands and make their own money, they had their own rules, their own traditions, but most importantly they had their own traditions and own gods. The arrival of the British to Nigeria caused a major cultural clash between the two groups, because the British just came in and tried to change everything. Their religion, and they brought in a complete different court system.These British people just came and “raped” the Ibo culture. The funny thing about this is that the British people wanted to be treated with respect but they were treating the Nigerian people like animals that needed to be domesticated. They destroyed their culture and ripped their religion from them.

When the British arrived to Nigeria they though that they could just come in and change everything, The first thing that they tried to do was to change the Nigerian people religion. They told they that the gods they adored were fake and they didn’t exit they were nothing more than pieces of rock and wood. They introduced their religion and the Nigerian people were told that if they didn’t believe in the white man’s religion the “true” god was going to punish them after death. The British told alot of  lies to the Nigerian people and well alot of  the peoples stared believing in this, since the white people did stuff that seemed real to the Nigerian people, so little by little some of they Nigerians  stared believing in this new religion, now the Nigerians who still believed on their religion now did not only have to fight with the white man but also had to fight with their own brothers.  Alot of people didn’t believe in this new religion though, this caused conflict among the Nigerian culture since some believed and others didn’t. so they were constantly fighting and arguing about this. The arrival of the British to Nigeria caused great commotion among the Nigerian  people.

Others may argue, that “Nigerian people needed to be controlled because they were not educated, they had no rules. The only type of rules they had was that if a man failed to do something or they did something wrong they were either banished or killed. another thing that this people did was that they killed babies. how in the world can you kill a baby?? its a human being even if its not completely formed its still a person. The people from Nigeria believed on gods that didn’t even exist.  The Christians came just in time to fix things and put these people in track, alot of people say that the white people hurt the Nigerians by changing their religion..That’s a lie the only thing white people did to Nigeria was helping them get organized, specially to fix their weird and violent traditions. I really don’t know why people say that British people hurt the Nigerian culture when the only thing they did was help.”

However this is not important to consider because, its never good to just come to a random village ,country, or community and destroy their culture and their religion. Religion wasn’t the only thing that was taken away from them through. The British came and established a completely new court law system that the Nigerian people had never seen in their lives. These people said that they didn’t hurt the Nigerian people, this is a lie if the Nigerian people decided to reveal against them then they were beaten up and sometimes they were killed. Sometimes there leaders just like in the story were taken away and they asked for cowries in order to keep them alive. How is this making people better when you are asking for money to keep their leaders alive??….and when there trying to get you into a reliegion with a bunch of lies??…that’s kind of stupid. If they believed that no one should be killed then why would they kill a man who doesn’t want to follow their religion?? think about that…..

In conclusion, alot of people may argue that the only thing the British dad to the Nigerian people was help them to make their culture and their religion better, but if you look back at what they actually did you would see that not everything was great, they made the villages fight between them so that later on it would be easier for them to take over. They made them change their religion and their beliefs , they also change their  rules by putting a different court system, opponents may argue that the only thing they did was help the Nigerians there is more prove that they hurt them instead of helping them.


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