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chapter 14

Summarrizing: In this chapter Okonkwo and his family go to his motherland, aince he was banished grom his clan. Over there he is recived by his uncle Uchendu.His uncle talked to him for a long period of time. He made Okonkwo realize that people aren’t always perfect.

Question: my question was that w1hy did Uchendo ask this types of questions to Okonkwo in fr4ont of everyone?

Clarifying:i think that Uchendu asked this types of questions to make Okonkwo realize that he had alot of stuff to learn from him.

Prediction: I think Uchendo is ganna be the father Okonkwo didn’t really have.

chapter 15

summarrizing: In this chapter what pretty much happened was that Obirika came to visit Okonkwo and he introuduced him to Uchendu and and they talked for a long period of time.

Question: i was a little confused why do people not talk to people from their mother lands like before?

clariyng: i think that people dont talk to people from their clans because people forget about their relatives.

predicting: i think Okonkwo is going to start missing his clan

chapter 16

summarizing: two years after Obierika came to visit Okwonko to his mother land he came back for another visit but thios time it wasnt such a happy visit. The white men had came with a complete new religion and evryone stared thinking these men were crazy.Some people laughed at them and others just ignored them and walked away . Okonkwos son was pretty intrested though. In this chapter they don’t tell us what happens with Nwoye but when Obierika comes he tells Okonkwo that the White man arrived at Umofia and they have missionaries with them andone of them is Nwoye , he also says that when he asked him about Okonkwo he said that he wasn’t his father any more. Okonkwo didn’t really wanna talk about the whole sittuation. so he kinda changed the conversation.

Question: Is Jesu Kristi the same as jesus christ…is this new religion like catholic?

Clarifying: Jesu kristi is a sait in other words is Jesus Christ in other language. I don’t thin this religion is the same as catholic although i believe is pretty similar.

Predicting: I think that Nwoye stared believing in this new religion the white man brought then he decided to belive that “god” was his real dad and he decided to leave with them insted of ataying with his family and this may of pissed of Okonkwo.

chapter 17

summarizing: this chapter practically shows what really happened with Nwoye and how when the Europeans arrived they pretty much made everybody believe in their religion and their god, and one of those persons who believed was Okonkwo’s son Nwoye it shows how dissapointed Okonkwo was. It kinda shows how Okonkwo feels disssopointed at himself.

Question: who was Okonkwo really mad at?

clarifying: I think Okonkwo is mad at Nwoye but i think he is also mad at himself, he feels that he failed when teaching Nwoye the right way to do things in life he just doesn’t want to show it and kind of blame it all on Nwoye and not show that he was really mad at himself .

prediction: I think he is going to try to forget about Nwoye, im pretty sure he is not going to go look for nwoye he is going to wait for Nwoye to come to him.

chapter 18

summarizing: This chapter talks about how the Christian communiy was growing more and more everyday, the clan got tiered of this so they outlawed themthis meant the clan wouln’t let the Christiansgo to into the market , they also would’t let them get water and stuff like that.

question: whats the point of them keepingthis things away from the Christians?

Claryfing : the only explanation i can find would be that they are trying to get the Christians tiered so that they can keave the clan alredy.

prediction: i think that the Christians are not going to give up there going to stay there and they are going to find a way to get the resourses they need to survive.

chapter 19

summarizing : in this chapter Okonkwo realizes that his seven years of exile are almost over so he starts remembering how many new things he lear2ned since he came to hismotherland but he also stared feeling bad since he though he could of had better luck if he had been on his fatherland instead of his motherland since over there man are stronger and have more courage. After all of this he is still really thankful toward his uncle Uchendo and his family, because they helped him alot. So he trew a really big fest for them, he made sure they would have a great time when preparing this fest.

Qustion: why did Okonkwo let Obierika build him two huts but did not let him build his Obi?

claryfing: The reason why Okonkwo didn’t let Obierika not built his Obi, because he believes that a man is the one who is supposed to built his own Obi , you either build it yourself or you use the one your father left you.

predition: I think Okonkwo is going to go back but as soon as he goes back things are going to be really different like hes is ot going to be as respected the same way as he was respected before he was banished from his clan.

Chapter 20


In this Chapter Okonkwo starts thinking about what he is going to do as soon as he goes back to Umofia , hes thinking what is he going to do in order to bring his pride back so he think and realizes that he has two beautiful daugters so he thinks that if they marry a respected ,prosperous ,succesful man from Umofia he is going to get his recognition back.

question: whats a Kotma?

Claryfing: a Kotma is a cout messenger, the word is not of Ibo origin but is a corruption of “court messenger”.

Prediction: I think his daughter’s beauty is going to help him but not as much as he is expecting.

Chapter 21

summarizing: Okonkwo goes back to Umoufia and he realizes that things have changed, that his people are actully following this new religion and forgeting about their old religion. He also sees that people didn’t welcome him as he though they were going to welcome him.

question: why did he say that warlike man from Umoufia had become woman?

Clarifying: The reason why Okonkwo said that the men from Umoufia had become woman, was because it seemed like one way or another they were all following the white man’s religion and they had left their old religion on the past, he felt like they were giving up on their clan and on their religion which meant they were giving up on their ancestors and on their gods that’s why he was so upset about this.

prediction: i think Okonkwo is going to be one of the only ones who avoids this new religion and stays away from them.I think he is just going to keep his culture and try to make things seem like there ok when there really not because if he follows this new religion then he is going to feel like a “woman”.

chapter 22

summary: in this chapter the egwudwu’s are walking through the Christians and Enoch jumped on one of the spirits and took the mask off it that meant he killed the spirit later on all the spirits go to the white mans church and burn it down.

question : why did they burn it down?

claryfing: because they wanted to destroy the sin Enoch had done.

predicting: i think the white man are going to get revange and do something back.

chapter 23

summarizing: since the egwugwus burned the white man’s church they decide to call the leaders of Umoufia which included Okonkwo they took them to some place in which they were going to talk like “friends” but they actually put them in jail and told they that until their people paid 2oo cowries they were not going to leave , they also hit them a couple of times , they didnt feed them and they treated them realy bad.

questioning: why did Okonkwo hold it in and didn’t try defend himself ?

claryfing: the reason why Okonkwo didn’t defend himself was because he knew that if he tried doing something he was going to get killed because they were alot of missionaries andonly 6 of them so he though about it before he did something.

predicting: i think there not going to kill them….. the man from Umoufia are going to pay the 200 cowries so that they could stay alive and come back.

chapter 24                    

summarizing: in this chapter what practically happens is that the people from Umoufia payed the missionaries so that Okonkwo and the other 5 man could stay alive when they are realized they call for a meeting at the next day in which the missionaries comes and try to stop the meeting Okomkwo finally lets his anger out and kills one of the man with the machete and just leaves.

question: why did Okonkwo kill the man?

claryfing: the reason why Okonkwo killed  the man was because he remembered how they had been humiliated and just took his anger out on this man.

Predicting: i think the missionaries are going to go look for Okonkwo and if they find him they are going to kill him.

Chapter 25:  

summarazing:In this chapter the Missionaries go look for Okonkwo and they find his friend at his Obi they take the missionaries to the back and show them Okonkwo is dead hanging from a tree.

question: why did Okonkwo hanged himself?

claryfing:  because he was fustrated and really confused and he knew the white man were going to come look for him so he couldn’t take it so he just killed himself.

predicting: i think people are actually going to remember him.


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